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I came across an article in Elle on Reddit�s fake designer bag community News fake designer bag community /RepLadies and spent a good two hours going through the threads (thanks to complete inability to go outside due to wildfire smoke and nowhere to go anywhere indoors due to COVID. End complaint.) Here�s a thread on RepLadies about people�s finances and why they choose to buy fakes / replicas instead of authentic versions. Interesting to see a lot of people put a financial responsibility spin on it - the first comment thread talks about FIRE! I was also surprised how much people spend on getting those replicas. Apparently, good quality replicas are not cheap! Some of them go up to $600 or $700 for an Herm�s copy, which, fine, it�s less than 10% of the real thing, but $700 is significant! I find the psychology of buying fake designer goods, like purses, clothes, shoes, etc., fascinating. I�ve never purchased any fake designer goods, not necessarily because I come from a moral high ground. Rather, it�s for these reasons: wearing a designer bag as a �flex� ?? is weird to me. I bet I bump into people rich beyond my comprehension on the way to Trader Joe�s. There�s no point in flexing. wearing a copy bag is even weirder to me. In fact, it�d make me feel worse because the only reason I�m wearing one would be to convince strangers that I own a bag I can�t afford or don�t value beyond the logo. I don�t love logos.| FancyFactory | News I only feel this way about logos that�s meant for outside. For example, I have no problem wearing CZ jewelry. One of my fav pair of earrings are $12 CZ studs. I don�t have a problem with �designer-inspired� items... if I loved the Herman Miller Eames chair, and I couldn�t afford the genuine version but there�s a non-HM set, I don�t see why I wouldn�t buy it. Has anyone purchased a replica bag (and want to share your thought process), and has anyone known people who�ve purchased those FancyFactory bags?